Difference between Lawyer and Attorney [ Attorney vs lawyer vs Esquire vs Prosecutor ]

Many people wish to know the difference between lawyer and attorney, as both these terms are used interchangeably in the USA.

A lawyer or attorney plays a vital role in a legal proceeding held at the court of law.

If you are convicted of a DUI (Driving under the Influence), DUII (Driving under the Influence of Intoxicants) or DWI (Driving while Impaired), wish to claim for injustice and loss caused by medical malpractice or any personal injury, these law professionals can prove to be your saviors.

The major issue in the United States is there’s no specific distinction made between a lawyer and attorney, like other countries.

Though, it’s easier than you think!

Let’s have a look at the major factors which differentiate a lawyer from an attorney.

👉What is the Difference between Attorney and Lawyer?

Keep reading on to know more about the difference between lawyer and attorney.


You see,

a lawyer is an individual who is educated in the field of law.

He or she shall always be referred to as a lawyer, irrespective of the fact that they provide legal advice to the people or not.

In other words, a lawyer in the USA is simply a person who has finished his studies from a law school.

But there’s a catch here!

Assuming that a lawyer is permitted to handle any legal proceedings like representing a court case can prove to be a wrong notion.


they can handle this privilege only after successfully clearing the Bar Exam in a specialized legal domain.

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An attorney is also an acknowledged lawyer, who graduates from reputed law schools in a specialized subject.

But wait there’s more;

any person who wishes to adopt this profession must clear the Bar Exams in order to be eligible for practicing law in a specific jurisdiction.

Here’s another thing;

an attorney is allowed to undertake all the functions which a lawyer is allowed to undertake along with officially representing a case in the court of law.

An attorney is not only responsible to understand the law and legal procedures but can also apply this knowledge in order to fulfill the legal needs of his or her clients.

Every attorney is a lawyer; but every lawyer, cannot be called as an attorney.

Difference between Lawyer and Attorney lawyer vs attorney
Difference between Lawyer and Attorney. lawyer vs attorney


Attorney vs lawyer salary :- Attorney always earn more than lawyer.

👉Attorney vs Lawyer

And we don’t stop there!

There are many other points to the Lawyer vs Attorney debate.

Keep reading on to know more.

  • The clearing of Law Bar exams is one the pre-requisites for becoming a full-fledged attorney. That’s not all, the exam lasts for a good 2-3 days and the passing rate is also below 50%. On the other hand, a lawyer without clearing the Law Bar exam can work in the capacity of a technical lawyer, but cannot officially represent a case as a legal representative.
  • No wonder, the salary difference is evitable in both the designations! A lawyer tends to earn a starting salary of approx. $56,000 per annum. Whereas, a qualified attorney can expect a salary range up to $2,00,000 per annum.
  • A Lawyer is an individual who is supposed to learn and get trained in the field of law. Whereas, an attorney is the one who is allowed to practice law by legally representing a case.
  • The attorneys are given a right to practice law within a definite jurisdiction, which is not offered to the lawyers.
  • Nevertheless, an attorney is a highly qualified and experienced law professional. While a lawyer may not necessarily have a legal practice experience! Simply stated, an attorney is a bit ahead of a lawyer.
  • If you aspire to become an attorney, you need to clear the Law Bar exam. While a person can become a lawyer just by passing out from a Law School.
  • A lawyer is authorized to add JD at the end of his or her name. However, an attorney can add the title Esq. meaning Esquire along with his or her name.

Advocate vs Attorney vs Lawyer vs Esquire.


👉Lawyer vs Esquire

By now,

you must have understood the difference between a lawyer and an attorney.

Attorney vs lawyer vs Esquire vs Prosecutor
Attorney vs lawyer vs Esquire vs Prosecutor


But that’s just part of the story;

there is another legal term used frequently in courtroom proceedings i.e. an Esquire.

Esquire is basically a rank or tile given at the end of an attorney’s name.

You can consider it as an honorary rank given to some dignified professionals like military officers or doctors.

The esquire addition in the name comes in a different style.

Many attorneys prefer to apply esquire with their educational qualifications, while some prefer to use it just for the sake of honor.

👉Attorney vs Prosecutor vs Lawyer

A prosecutor is a legal professional who represents the state, local, or federal governments in a criminal court case.

Let’s understand the difference between an attorney and a prosecutor:

  • If a person aspires to become a prosecutor he or she is required to earn a bachelor’s degree along with a JD title. This also involved 7 years of an educational course. They are also required to pass the Bar Exam after passing the Law School. They are granted a special license to practice as a prosecutor in the court of law. However, a person can become an attorney after passing from the Law Bar exam.
  • The powers of a prosecutor are much higher than that of an attorney. Here’s what I mean, the prosecutors are allowed to not only represent the government part of the story, but also permitted to cross-question the victims or witnesses, undertake legal research, and evaluate the police reports.
  • Prosecutors don’t have any clients. They are the law professionals hired by the government bodies. If any case goes for trial, the prosecutor’s duty is to question the victim and prove his or her claims as invalid or false. On the other hand, attorneys work for the general public; they have different clients for different cases.
Attorney vs Prosecutor vs Lawyer vs esquire vs advocate
Attorney vs Prosecutor vs Lawyer


The best part

about all these law terms is that they all have their stipulated powers and duties.

One needs to undergo intensive educational training for attaining these titles and licensure for practice in the court of law.

Though the United States use Lawyer and Attorney interchangeably in many other countries, these are two distinct designations.

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