Different Types of Lawyers and salaries: The Ultimate & Secret Guide


The legal field is complex and extremely large, and it encompasses different types of lawyers that are specialized in diverse areas of law.

With many types of attorneys available in the contemporary legal marketplace, you can easily find a lawyer who specializes in dealing specifically with your type of legal issues.

It is important to find a lawyer who is capable of handling your legal case proficiently.

However, with so many different types of attorneys available, determining the right lawyer could become a little trickier for you.

It is imperative that you learn about different types of lawyers specializing in varied areas of law and common legal problems, and it will eventually help you to pick the right attorney for your case.

Further, in this article, I’m going to discuss the different types of lawyers and salaries with their specialization. But before that, let’s take a look at the basic education and licensure requirements of lawyers.

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👉Academic & Licensure Requirement of Attorneys

The primary academic requirements are the same for different types of lawyers in the United States.

In order to become a lawyer, every aspirant must attend 3 years of law school.

As a matter of fact, at most law schools, students are given no power for course selection during their first year.

They typically receive a predefined schedule of foundational law courses from their school.

During the second and third year, the law students are required to complete certain essential law courses in particular areas of law.

The students focus on their electives in order to achieve specialization in specific law subject areas.

After the completion of graduation course in law, the candidates are required to pass the bar examination in order to begin practicing law alongside fulfilling their state requirements for law practice.

As a matter of fact, it takes about 3 months to study for the bar, and another 2 – 3 months to get results.

Besides the bar examination, prospective attorneys are also required to pass a background check and an ethics exam in order to obtain a license and get admitted to professional law practice.

Have a look:- Lawyer Personality Test Myer Briggs (mbti).

Paralegal Profession

A lot of people consider paralegals as lawyers. But in reality, a paralegal is a completely different career in the legal profession.

It is important for you to know that there is no official educational requirement for paralegals in the United States.

Therefore, choosing paralegal as a career is a smart alternative for all those aspirants who’re interested in law, but want to avoid taking up the bar examination alongside the time and expense of law school.

Paralegal Profession Function

The main function of a paralegal is to assist the attorneys and provide them with apt administrative support, such as placing court dates, marking deadlines on the calendar, sending out notices, writing simple letters, and organizing case files.

Many paralegals execute more substantive lawful tasks like summarizing medical records, depositions, and other legal documents, performing legal research, and drafting convoluted legal reports.

Many colleges in the United States offer degrees and certification in paralegal studies and related law subject areas. Candidates can also take up a few national examinations to obtain a paralegal certification.

Although the pay of paralegals is less than that of licensed attorneys, obtaining a degree or a certification in paralegal studies can eventually help aspirants to acquire a lucrative job in the paralegal profession.


👉Different Types of Lawyers

There are many areas of law, and it is the main reason for the existence of different types of attorneys.

Below is a list of 21 of the most common types of lawyers along with a brief description of their legal practice.

  1. Business Lawyer / Corporate Lawyer
  2. Employment and Labor Attorney
  3. Finance & Securities Attorney
  4. Merger and Acquisitions Attorney
  5. Trial Lawyer
  6. Private Sector Lawyer
  7. Intellectual Property Lawyers
  8. Family Lawyer
  9. Divorce Attorney
  10. Estate Planning Lawyer
  11. Tax Lawyers
  12. Criminal Defense Attorney
  13. Traffic Lawyer
  14. Toxic Tort Lawyer
  15. Personal Injury Lawyer
  16. Bankruptcy Attorney
  17. Civil Litigation Attorney
  18. Digital Media and Internet Lawyer
  19. Entertainment Lawyer
  20. Immigration Attorney
  21. Legal Malpractice Lawyer

Briefs Description

Most common types of lawyers along with a brief description (their roles)

From environmental lawyers to digital application notary and first amendment attorneys, there are many different types of legal representatives who are specialized in diverse areas of law.

  • 👉Business Lawyer / Corporate Lawyer
    • Business law is very broad, and the business attorneys are required to deal with different aspects of business law, including mergers, acquisitions, intellectual property, and employment. Business or corporate lawyers often focus on basic business tasks and deal with various business needs, ranging from tax compliance to employment issues.
Business Lawyer Law
Business Lawyer (Law)

There are also business transactional lawyers who handle business transactions alongside drafting legal documents and negotiating deals.

Business litigation lawyers are also a common type of business lawyers who handle the lawsuits of clients and assist them with suing any company or a business unit for violating the terms of contract.

  • 👉Employment and Labor Attorney
    • These legal professionals handle issues related to labor and employment. These attorneys ensure that the businesses are complying with the federal as well as state labor laws. It is important for you to know that just like business lawyers, there are transactional and litigation employment attorneys to deal with all types of employment litigation as well as transactional work.
Employment and Labor Lawyer law
Employment and Labor Lawyer (Law)

Employment litigators go to the court and represent their client’s case against a business who has violated the terms and conditions of an employment contract.

On the other hand, transactional employment attorneys deal with the outlining of employment documents that are issued at the time of hiring.

  • 👉Finance & Securities Law Attorney
    • As the name suggests, finance and securities lawyers deal with legal issues related to finance and securities. These legal professionals operate in a specific area of law. They often deal with issues related to banks, financial companies, individuals issuing money, or companies selling stocks.
Finance & Securities Lawyer Law
Finance & Securities Lawyer (Law)

As a matter of fact, finance and securities is a clause of corporate law, and therefore, these attorneys focus on legal problems involving issuing money, selling stocks, representing clients against IRS claims, and filing of SEC complaint on behalf of the client against a company.


  • 👉Merger and Acquisitions Attorney
    • Merger and acquisitions notaries (M&A) are required to deal with legal issues allied to buying and selling of companies. It is a well-known fact that the buying and selling of companies or major business units is a long and complicated process, and it usually involves a team of M&A attorneys.
Merger and Acquisitions lawyer law
Merger and Acquisitions lawyer (Law)

These legal professionals are well-versed in tax law, as well as finance and securities law area, and hence, they are the right person to structure correct deals for buying or selling of their client’s company.


  • 👉Trial Lawyer
    • Trial lawyers refer to a major type of lawyers who’re required to focus on areas such as medical malpractice and corporate law. There are different types of trial lawyers, like criminal trial lawyers and civil trial lawyers.
Trial Lawyer Lawyer Law
Trial Lawyer Lawyer (Law) Procuration

It actually depends on the attorneys to decide whether they want to focus on civil law trials or criminal litigations.

Although the evidence rules are similar for both types of case trials, the litigation procedure for each of these trials is extremely different.

  • 👉Private Sector Lawyer
    • It refers to a broad category of attorneys who only work for law firms and private companies, not for non-profit organizations and the government.As a matter of fact, private sector attorneys usually earn a lot more than public sector lawyers.
  • 👉Intellectual Property law Lawyers
    • IP lawyers are the more common types of lawyers who deal with anything related to protecting intellectual property. There are 3 major law areas defined within the intellectual property and they are – copyright, trademark, and patent. There are some intellectual property lawyers who focus on copyright and trademark issues, whereas other IP lawyers deal with all 3 major types of legal issues associated with intellectual property.
Intellectual Property Lawyer (aw
Intellectual Property Lawyer (law )

It is important for you to know that some lawyers particularly deal with patent issues because this legal area of intellectual property requires further licensing along with a proper technical background.

IP lawyers are very different from each other and extremely technical. Alike the most areas of law, IP lawyers are also of two types – IP litigators and IP lawyers.

IP lawyers are the legal professionals who deal with the filing of legal documents related to protection of intellectual properties, and on the other hand, IP litigators are the ones who represent their clients in the courtroom.   

  • 👉Family Lawyer
    • Just like it sounds, a family lawyer is one of the different types of lawyers who are required to handle anything related to direct family issues. It may include family planning, estate, divorce issues, child custody battles, legal prenuptial agreements, and other family issues surrounding children and marriage. While some family attorneys focus only on divorce and custody battles, most family lawyers deal with all significant areas of family law.
    • Family Lawyer Law
      Family Lawyer (Law)
  • 👉Divorce Attorney
    • Divorce lawyer are specialized in family law and they guide their clients through the process of legal separation. Divorce law is a significant element falling under the umbrella of family law. So, when it comes to filing a divorce and managing properties and assets during a divorce procedure, a certified and well-experienced divorce attorney may serve your purpose the best.
    • What are the Different Types of Lawyers and salaries
      Divorce lawyer (law)
  • 👉Estate Planning Lawyer
    • These legal representatives perform various herculean tasks ranging from creating trusts for funds to drafting wills for the proper distribution of the client’s assets. However, in most instances, people do not have a will, and therefore, their assets undergo probation (a procedure in which the court gets to decide as to what happens to the assets of a will-less person after his death).
    • Estate Planning Lawyer Law
      Estate Planning Lawyer (Law)
  • 👉Tax Lawyers
    • Tax lawyers assist individuals as well as businesses to comply with the federal and state laws while filing their tax returns. In fact, a large proportion of tax lawyers go to the court to attend case proceedings and defend their clients during IRS audits. Tax attorneys also work in estate planning and tax departments of large corporations and business units and assist them with various essential aspects of tax filings and returns.
    • Tax Lawyer Law
      Tax Lawyer (Law)
  • 👉Criminal Defense Attorneys
    • These lawyers are responsible for defending people who are accused by the government for committing a crime against prosecution. The main objective of a criminal defense lawyer is to help their clients get out of jail or reduce their sentencing.
    • Types of criminal lawyers:- 1. Juvenile Defense Lawyer 2. Civil Defense Attorneys 3. Criminal Defense Attorneys
What are the Different Types of Lawyers and salaries
Criminal Defense Attorney (Law)

A criminal defense attorney handles a wide range of criminal cases ranging from small offenses like shoplifting to severe crimes like murder, DUI (Driving under the influence), assault, and drug trafficking.

Most lawyers who’re specialized in criminal defense cases hold adequate experience of working on the prosecution side, either at law schools or at the ODA (Office of District Attorney).

  • 👉Traffic Lawyer
    • Traffic attorneys are referred to as high-volume lawyers because they usually tend to have countless clients on a daily basis. These legal representatives are required to represent their clients in the courtroom, and fight for traffic citations on their behalf alongside protecting their rights. In fact, a criminal defense lawyer is also a traffic lawyer who can represent the DUI or DWI case of their plaintiffs in the courtroom.
    • Traffic Attorney Law
      Traffic Attorney (Law)
  • 👉Toxic Tort Lawyer
    • Also considered as a special type of personal injury lawyer, toxic tort lawyers can work with people (employee) who have been exposed to toxic water, air, chemicals, and other toxic pharmaceuticals. A toxic tort lawyer is well versed with asbestos lawsuits and other essential toxic tort lawsuits.
Toxic Tort Attorney Law
Toxic Tort Attorney (Law)

Most of these lawsuits are often complicated, and therefore, it is immensely important for a toxic tort attorney to continue learning about toxic torts and associated laws.

  • 👉Personal Injury Lawyer
    • Personal injury attorneys are the most common types of lawyers who are required to deal with accidents and personal injuries of all nature. Personal injury attorneys get involved when you suffer any type of personal injury due to the negligent attitude of others.
Personal Injury Lawyer Law
Personal Injury Lawyer (Law)

These legal representatives can help you at times when you get injured in a car accident or suffer a significant loss as a result of the medical misdiagnosis by a doctor.

Most personal injury cases involve major insurance companies and they often lead to huge financial settlements.

It is important for you to know that many PI lawyers work on a contingency fees basis with their basic fee charge ranging from 33 to 50 percent of the original compensation amount.    

  • 👉Bankruptcy Law Attorney
    • Bankruptcy Attorney professionals are responsible for assisting their clients to file for bankruptcy in order to help them get out of debts. As a matter of fact, there are different subsets of bankruptcy attorneys to represent the creditor and the debtor in bankruptcy cases.
Bankruptcy Law Attorney
Bankruptcy Law Attorney

A debtor is a person who files for bankruptcy, and the creditor is the person who owes money by the debtor.

It is the creditor who consults a professional bankruptcy attorney to recover as much money as possible during the debtor’s bankruptcy.

Many professional bankruptcy lawyers can easily handle different types of bankruptcy cases by using their specialization in making claims.

So, make sure that you hire the right bankruptcy lawyer who is familiar with handling cases and situations similar to yours.

  • 👉Civil Litigation Attorney
    • This general term refers to one of the most common types of attorneys who is specialized in specific areas of law like business, employment, real estate, and many more. Professional civil litigation lawyers can easily handle all types of lawsuits and non-criminal litigation.
Civil Litigation Attorney Law
Civil Litigation Attorney (Law)

Therefore, you can consult these legal representatives and seek their help for a wide range of issues, anything from landlord problems to breach of contracts.  

  • 👉Digital Media and Internet Lawyer
    • The growth of the internet has actually introduced a whole new realm of law. Digital media and internet lawyers are required to focus on all types of legal problems concerning the use of digital media and internet technology.
Digital Media and Internet Lawyer Law
Digital Media and Internet Lawyer (Law)

They may deal with diverse aspects ranging from the website terms and conditions, and the internet use to copyright laws and privacy issues.

It is important for you to know that digital media and internet attorneys deal with a lot more than just internet law.

These legal representatives manage all types of legal issues arising out of different digital media platforms, such as tablets, computers, and mobile phones, and other types of internet issues.

  • 👉Entertainment Lawyer
    • They are one of the different types of lawyers who deal with all possible types of entertainment issues related to entertainment contracts. These legal representatives are well versed with entertainment laws, and hence, they can draft and review entertainment licensing agreements, manage entertainment contracts, and deal with various other aspects of the entertainment business.
Entertainment Lawyer law
Entertainment Lawyer (law)

It is very hard to become an entertainment lawyer because of high competition.

Therefore, make sure that you always choose the right entertainment lawyer who is certified and well experienced in handling different types of entertainment cases.

  • 👉Immigration Attorneys
    • These legal representatives are responsible for assisting their clients with all sorts of immigration issues. As a matter of fact, most immigration attorneys rely on businesses for obtaining legit employment visas to continue with their legal practices.
    • Immigration lawyer law
      Immigration lawyer l(aw)
  • 👉Legal Malpractice Lawyers
    • This subset of attorney deals with cases related to legal malpractice or professional responsibilities. Legal malpractice lawyers usually deal with defending or suing lawyers on behalf of their clients for violating their duties or committing legal malpractice.

Legal malpractice lawyers abide by the specific industry rules while practicing legal malpractice law.

Thus, you can consult them at times when your existing lawyer violates any of the rules or his/her professional responsibilities.

Legal Malpractice Lawyers Law
Legal Malpractice Lawyers ( Law)

So, whatever your legal need is, there is always a top good chance for you to find a right, licensed, and well-experienced attorney in your area to assist with your types of legal issues.        


Different Types of Lawyers and salaries Infographic.
Different Types of Lawyers and salaries Infographic.


👉What types of Attorneys Are in Demand?

A lot of people think that lawyers can assist them with anything related to law.

However, in reality, every lawyer has its own specialization and hence, they differ from each other on the basis of their area of expertise.

Well, there are certain type of attorneys who always remain in demand and receive high-volume clients on a daily basis.

Types of lawyers in demand

  1. Corporate Lawyers
    • Among the different types of lawyers, these legal professionals are very much in demand and they generally deal with the mergers, acquisitions, corporate communication and taxes of different companies and business units.   
  2. Employment & Labor Attorney
    • It is another most in-demand category of lawyers that deal with all sorts of employment issues.
  3. Family Lawyers
    • Specialized in family law, these legal professionals are highly in demand. They are the right person to help you with all types of direct family matters.
  4. Finance & Securities Attorney
    • With a completely different area of expertise, finance and securities lawyers are one of the most in-demand lawyers to assist clients with their financial matters.
What are the Different Types of Lawyers and salaries
What types of Attorneys Are in Demand

What type of lawyer should I be?
It is totally depended on what type of law you want to practice when you graduate
law school and pass the bar.

👉Which type of Lawyer Gets Paid the Most?

It is a really strange fact that some attorneys are extremely wealthy, whereas other lawyers are simply struggling to make ends meet.

As a matter of fact, it is imperative for different types of lawyers to understand the law industry in order to comprehend the disparity in lawyer payments.

With this in mind,
here are the 5 different types of attorneys who are well-known to make the most money.

Highest Paid types of Lawyers

  1. Medical Lawyers ($150,881 p.a.)
    • Medical attorneys are renowned for making the highest annual income. These attorneys offer varied legal services and advisement related to medical law to their prospective clients in order to help them acquire the deserving compensation amounts.
  2. IP Lawyers ($140,972 p.a.)
    • IP lawyers or intellectual property lawyers are the second highest paid attorneys. Being well-versed in intellectual property laws, these attorneys can easily generate over $140,972 on an annual basis.
  3. Trial lawyers ($101,086 p.a.)
    • With a strong and comprehensive knowledge of the law, trial lawyers can easily assist their prospective clients with their trial cases, and earn as much as 101,086 US dollars every year.  
  4. Tax Lawyers ($99,690 p.a.)
    •  These legal professionals have expertise in tax laws, and they generally make between 80,000 to 105,000 US dollars every year.
  5. Corporate Lawyers ($98,822 p.a.)
    •  They are one of the most successful types of lawyers who are specialized in corporate laws, and can earn as much as $98,000 on an annual basis.
What are the Different Types of Lawyers and salaries
Which type of Lawyer Gets Paid the Most

The career outlook for attorneys has turned out to be less appealing in the last decade due to the growth and expansion of different types of law schools as well as lawyers.

It eventually makes it harder for the different types of lawyers to acquire the right jobs with augmenting salaries.

Some recent annual median and average salary are as follows:

  1. Civil Rights Lawyer – $69,000 – $175,000
  2. Divorce Lawyer – $48,000 – $80,000
  3. Corporate Lawyer – $66,000 – $170,000
  4. Bankruptcy Lawyer – $113,000
  5. Estate Law Attorneys – $64,000
  6. DUI/DWI Lawyers – $56,000
  7. Criminal Defense lawyers – $78,000
  8. Employment Law Lawyers – $65,000 – $175,000

These are the specific salary figures of different types of lawyers, which can change as per the political environment and the law business.

What are the Different Types of Lawyers and salaries
What are the Different Types of Lawyers and salaries


As per survey, happiest types of lawyers are those who deal Government Contracts, Trusts and Estates and Health law.
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👉4 Essential Roles in any Lawyers

  • Minders means who creates the rule, directs and manage the things in right direction.
  • Grinders are inexperienced and hustlers but they have hold top grades.
  • Finders are marketers and hunters who brings the business. They may be partner or marketers.
  • Binder are those who has excellent interpersonal skills .

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So, now that you know a little more about the different types of lawyers, their area of expertise, and their job responsibilities, it could become really easy and straightforward for you to pick the right legal professional to represent your case in the courtroom, protect your rights, solve your legal issues, and fulfill your legal needs in a proficient manner.
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