How to write a letter to a Judge [ Step by Step Guide ]

How to write a letter to the judge?

Wondering how to write a letter to the judge?

You see, writing a letter to such an important professional may seem like a mind-boggling task.

But the reality is that there are a few ways which you can adapt to make your letter sound professional, short and to the point.

A judge is a person who handles a very crucial post.

Simply stated, he or she wouldn’t have time to read anything that is unclear and unorganized.

You need to keep in mind things like proper address, keyword usage, template, letter format, and so on when you decide to write the letter.

On the other hand, it should be very clear to you that you just can’t send a letter to the judge for any trivial issue.

Otherwise, your letter may run the risk of never finding its way to the judge’s table.

When you send a letter to the judge, never expect an instant reply.

You need to be patient. If your letter is pertinent enough, you will receive an answer.

How to address a letter to the judge:

Now there are several ways to follow when we ask the question of how to address a judge in a letter?

Case in point-

There is no one hard and fast that one needs to follow while writing a letter to the judge.

But what is important is that one needs to follow some kind of format as it is a formal letter.

Since this is not a regular informal letter to your friend, language must be chosen very carefully.

Here in this blog let us look at three such distinctive ways and their characters in which one can or may write a letter to the judge of a court.

Point to be noted here is that these formats are widely accepted, but it is advisable that you contact a professional before you write the letter.

Now let us have a look at the samples and templates of the said letter formats:

In the USA you can address the judge of a court as ‘Dear Judge’ or if the concerned person is serving in the US federal Supreme Court he or she can be addressed as ‘Dear Justice.’

While putting up the address on the envelope, it is a good habit to include the full title of the judge along with the full name of the court in which he or she is employed to.

In case of confusion, conduct online research and obtain the full name of the judge.

Good to know –

I. Method 1 of writing a letter to the judge (Step by Step guide):

• Write the date on which you are writing the letter on the top left corner of the letter. Mention the address of the judge right below the date. Remember to write the full detailed address.

• Write your own address beneath this section. Leave two lines between the previous section and this one. Again do not forget to write the address in great details. Give any house number, street details and so on that; you might have in your address.

• Begin with the salutation ‘Dear Judge surname.’ Put a comma after this. As is mentioned earlier if the judge serves the federal court, you may use ‘Dear Justice.’

• Write in the language you are most confident in. It need not be English. Here’s the deal, most judges have professional interpreters. They can do the task of translation what you write. But in case you want to make proper sense write in the language you have the best command on. Otherwise, you may find a native English speaker and seek the required help to get the job done.

• In case you are writing about a specific please mention the name of the case as well as the case number. Each case will have a name which should be easily available. It is crucial that you mention these details in the very first sentence to grab the attention of the judge at once. In case you are not aware of the name, mention the details and name of the defendant. For example, write it this way: I am addressing this letter to you concerning the case with the defendant (name of the defendant).

• Be on the point. This is probably the most important part of your letter. If you want that your letter should be read by the judge, please do not include any unnecessary details. After the customary details, jump straight to the point and mention the reason for writing your letter. This must be in the first paragraph. What’s even better is that if you include it in the very first sentence.

• Keep your letter short and simple. Do not write pages after pages because practically the judge won’t be able to spare that much time.

• Do not include any new evidence related to the case with the judge expecting that it will remain confidential. For ethical reasons, the judge will have to disclose it. It is better that you hand over such information to the attorney instead.

• Close the letter with a proper keyword. The best option is to use the word ‘Respectfully.’ Mention your full name after this. You may also write ‘Respectfully yours.’

II. Method 2 of writing a letter to the judge (Step by Step guide):

• You must address the judge properly on the envelope. Begin the address with the words ‘The Honorable.’ Then write the full name of the judge. Then add the full address of the court.

• In case of any doubt, look up the information online. Do not write any wrong information. The letter may never reach the judge.

• Write the title of the judge in the second line. If the judge belongs to a federal Supreme Court, you can avoid this step as it is already mentioned with the name of the judge.

• Add the name of the court in the next line. Write the full name.

• Finish the address with the full address of the court. Include details like street number, zip code, street address, and so on.


III. Method 3 of how to address a letter to a judge

• Make sure you are in the position to write a letter to the judge. If you are a defendant or a plaintiff, you should not be writing that letter to the judge who is handling your case at all. This is purely because the judge cannot in any kind of ex-parte communication as it may hinder the fair judgment of the case.

• You need to file a motion besides filing to the clerk. In the motion, you need to explain what you want from the court.

• In case you decide to send a letter to the judge as per the rules the opposite party will be informed about it. This is because it will allow the opposition party to react or respond to it.

• If the judge denies your request without hearing, do not get worked up. Instead, respect it. The judge has the discretion to deny the request, and it is completely lawful.

Some points to keep in mind while writing a letter to the judge:

• Quality of material used: You see, you are writing a letter to one of the highest government personnel of your state. You must maintain quality. As nominal as it may sound your letter should be typed on a good quality paper. Sign the document with a pen. You may use ‘resume or ‘business’ paper for the purpose. In case you want to submit a handwritten letter, make sure your handwriting is clear and legible.

• Letterhead: If you have access, try to write the letter under a letterhead. It enhances the importance of your letter by implying the fact that you have the authority to address a letter to the judge as it shows a certain degree of responsibility that you have or carry out.

• Personal information: If you are not using letterhead, provide proper personal information that should consist of your name, address, city, state, zip code, contact information.

• Re: The full form is ‘Regarding.’ It is before a before sentencing writing format. After you are done giving the address details and date inside the letter, it is a good idea to add a short sentence which tells in a few words about the subject matter of the letter.

• Professional: Mention your professional credentials in the early parts of the letter. This adds to your credibility.

• Your desire: If you decide to write a letter to the judge, do not shy away from expressing yourself. Mention elaborately what are your expectations. The letter should have a fruitfulness.

• Compelling request: The language of your letter should be such that the judge agrees to provide the needful as requested by you. The letter should be persuasive and convincing. Otherwise, your efforts will be deemed useless.

• Proofread your letter: Remember this is a formal letter addressed to the judge. Please make it a point to do thorough proofreading. Your letter should be devoid of any silly mistakes. This is a must. In order for your letter to be read by the judge, you should aim perfection. A silly mistake can ruin all that. Keep your sentences small. Use everyday simple yet formal words. Refrain from using any kind of slangs.


With all those instructions you might think that writing a letter to the judges is a very difficult task. Well, it is not as difficult as you feel it might be, but it is not your regular letter.

So, yes, obviously you need to keep the points in mind, take precautions that you do not divert from the main motive of writing the letter.

Also, you need to be smart and simple in the way you present the letter to the concerned judge.

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How to write a letter to a Judge [ Step by Step Guide ]
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